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Strategic Planning Workshop on Reintegration. Erbil 31 Jan. to 2 February.2023


Public Aid Organization/PAO participation in workshop on supporting integration of internally displaced persons that conducted by UNDP in Erbil from 31 January to 02 February 2023.

Build Capacity of PAO on Project Management( virtual training) January 29.2023


Within the project of “Enhancing Democracy” Public Aid Organization staff engaged in online training addressed ( project management ) on 29 January.2023. During 2022 PAO worked on increasing participation of community members in decision making, The plan for 2023, is to work on climate change in Iraq so staff was provided with a training on managing projects that aim to increase community participation in minimizing the impact of climate change in Iraq.

His Excellency German Foreign Minister and the accompanying delegation visiting PAO community Center in Bahrka Camp. Erbil January 26.2023.


Public Aid Organization team received the German delegation represented by His Excellency the Minister of Foreign Affairs and his accompanying delegation during his visit to Baharka camp in Erbil, in the presence of the UNICEF team on January 26, 2023. This visit comes from the German delegation as they are the donor of the UNICEF project (child protection interventions with a special focus on internally displaced populations, returnees and host communities targeting children, adolescents and adults and providing GBV prevention and response services through a sustainable approach) that implemented by PAO.

The visit began by going to the PAO Community Center where the delegation was briefed on the project, activities and services provided for the beneficiaries inside the center and within the project. Then the delegation met the groups of children participating in the organized psychological and social support programs provided within the center, moreover they listened to people and participants of different programs, children and young people talking about activities provided in the center such as football , painting and table tennis ping.

Center of protection services of Gender-Based Violence also was covered during the visit, the delegation met a group of women participating in the Women’s Rights Program and listened to them talking on participation in this program as well as the girls participating in the Adolescent Girls’ Guide Program. The delegation’s feedback was positive on services provision at the center in particular when they listened to the beneficiaries who have been thanked for their participating , time and efforts they made to take part of that day

Signing Charter of “Countering Hate Speech and Promoting Social Cohesion” Mosul January 26.2023


Within the activities of the project “Empowerment and Engagement of Community Mechanisms with Local Authorities to Promote Social Cohesion”, Public Aid Organization (PAO – Nineveh Office), in cooperation with (UNDP),conducted a conference of signing a charter “Combating Hate Speech and Promoting Social Cohesion in the City of Mosul” on Thursday, January 26.2023 with the participation of representatives of the Prime Ministry, the Presidency and offices of parliament . In addition to local governments, represented by the “Assistant Governor of Nineveh for Organizations and Displaced Persons”, the Mayor of Mosul District, a variety of governmental and security institutions, clerics, tribal sheikhs, civil society institutions, human rights activists and media in Mosul and a representative of UNDP.

Signing Agreement of Peace and Coexistence in Hawijah-Kirkuk January 19. 2023


Within the program of ” Empowering and Engaging community mechanisms with the local authorities to promote social cohesion” Public Aid Organization conducted a conference to sign agreement of peace and coexistence in Hawijah-Kirkuk on January 19.2023. The conference was conducted with presence of Advisor for Prime Minister, Parliament Advisory, National Security Advisory, security chiefs and heads of tribes in Kirkuk. In addition to civil society, women and youth groups leaders. it is useful to mention that there were series of session, workshops and activities were conducted prior to this conference to achieve social cohesion and peace in Kirkuk. The event was covered by local and international media and journalists.

Al Hura Iraq link : https://youtu.be/XXfbVJPaEIg

Signing the Charter for Promoting Civil Peace and Development. Mosul January 18 2023


Public Aid Organization convened a conference for signing charter for promoting civil peace and development in Al Hadar district/ Mosul on January 18.2023. The conference witnessed extensive participation of senior figurers of the Iraq government, representatives of prime minister office, offices of parliament members, local authorities in Mosul and Al Hadar, sheikhs of tribes and clerks. In addition to local NGOs, women and youth leaders and media.
The conference is part of the project of ” Empowering and Engaging Community Mechanisms with Local Authorities to Promote Social Cohesion” funded by UNDP.

Session with the Tribes and Security Forces on” Preventing Violent Extremism” in Mosul Jan. 17.23


Within the activities of the project “Promoting Peace and Coexistence through Empowerment and Engagement of Community Mechanisms with Local Authorities” funded by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and implemented by Public Aid Organization (PAO), Nineveh Office implemented an awareness session with the tribes of Nineveh on January 17, 2023, the session addressed the issue of “Strengthening the role of security institutions Through cooperation with the tribal institution in prevention of violent extremism. The session witnessed extended participation of sheikhs of tribes, security forces from joint operations, and the General Directorate of Traffic in Nineveh Governorate, where all sheikhs emphasized the importance of preventing all forms of violent extremism and adopt dialogue and consensus with all institutions that operate in the same context as well as strengthening the role of tribes to support the government and security forces in law enforcement to achieve coexistence and peace in Nineveh Governorate.


High-Level Meeting on ” Human Rights” Erbil January 17 2023


Independent Commission for Human Rights delegation headed by Dr. Muna Yaqo received the advisor to the Prime Minister for Human Rights Dr. Zeidan Khalaf in Erbil on January 17 2023. The meeting was held to cover the issue of human rights in Iraq. They discussed how to coordinate and make more efforts to improve human rights situations. The meeting was sponsored by Public Aid Organization represented by the Chairman of the Board of Trustees Mr. Hoger.

Mediation session on( Conflict over Land between Farmers and North Oil Company” in Al Qayyarah & Najama oil fields in Mosul.


Within the program of ” Empowering and Engaging Local Community mechanisms with Local Authorities” that funded by UNDP, Public Aid Organization ran mediation session on conflict over land between farmers and NOC within Najam and Al Qayyarah oil fields in Mosul. The session was conducted in Baghdad on January 11 2023. The event witnessed extensive presence of key staff of the government of Iraq, Parliament members, advisors, Representatives of Prime Ministerial, Ministry of Oil, conflict-resolution and peace building national experts and representatives of Al Qayyarah district ( Director of Agriculture Section , Director of Community Police, Tribe leader, Cleric).

The “Ministerial Platform of the Iraqi Federal Government & Vision of Civil Society to Solve crisis in Iraq”


Public Aid Organization/Erbil office implemented dialogue session under the program of “Enhancing Democracy” in Erbil on January 5 2023. The session covered ” the Iraqi Federal Government ministerial platform & vision of civil society to solve crisis in Iraq with participation of the Adviser to the Prime Minister on Human Rights, ┘ÉAdviser to the Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament, elite academic experts, jurists and representatives of civil society. The ministerial platform was presented by the Prime Minister Advisor to Human Rights ( Mr. Zeidan Khalaf), while the paper of the civil society vision was presented by Dr. Mehdi Jaber ( Adviser of Enhancing Democracy program). The session summarized with recommendations that will be handed to the Prime Minister to solve the crisis in Iraq and to success of the government of Iraq to achieve the ministerial program.