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A meeting on the Annual Budget of KRG 2022


On Saturday 15 January, Hogr Chato ( Chairman of the Board of trustees – Public Aid Organization (PAO) in the meeting been conducted by Stop organization about the Annual Budget of KRG 2022 with the participation of the Director-General of Budgets in the Ministry of Finance and Parliamentary, Adviser for Economic Affairs, the Office of Financial Supervision, professors and experts in economics and budgets.

The step that will follow this meeting is to collect comments, recommendations, and suggestions in order to form an advisory group to achieve the desired objective of the meeting.

مصادر التمويل لمنظمات المجتمع المدني في العراق 2022


Board of Supporting and Fundraising

Financial resources for civil society organizations in Iraq

سه‌رچاوه‌ داراییه‌كانی رێكخراوه‌ مه‌ده‌نییه‌كان

هيئة الدعم وجلب التمويل

مصادر التمويل لمنظمات المجتمع المدني في العراق

ان من مهام المجتمع المدني مهمة قيادة المجتمعات نحو التقدم لتحقيق غايتها في بناء المجتمع الديمقراطي؛ ويتحدد التحدي في إقامة مؤسسات ومنظمات مدنية حديثة تتمتع بالاستقلالية اللازمة. وإزاء هذا الطموح والتحدي ينبغي على هذه المنظمات تأهيل ذاتها للقيام برسالتها التاريخية الا ان نشطاء ومنظمات المجتمع المدني يشددون على أن من أكبر العقبات أمام هذه المنظمات تلك التي تتعلق بقدرة هذه الأخيرة على تأمين مصادر التمويل اللازم للقيام بأدوارها المجتمعية.

هنالك مصادر متعددة حيث يمكن للمنظمات ان تعتمد عليها في ادارة ذاتها ومشاريعها كجمع التبرعات والاستثمار من خلال برامج خاصة و دعم القطاع الخاص لها و مصادر اخرى، الا ان المنظمات باتت تعتمد على تمويل الوكالات الدولية كمصدر اساسي في العراق والتي تشكل خللا اذ ان هذه المصادر قد تجف اثر انتهاء اسباب وجودها وهي أزمات الانسانية واثارها و الفقر و البطالة و الامية و انتهاك لحقوق الانسان.

واننا في منظمة النجدة الشعبية في (هيئة الدعم و جمع التبرعات) ارتأينا ان ننشر قائمة اولية للسنة الرابعة على التوالي بمصادر التمويل المتاحة للمنظمات العراقية في عام 2022 من أجل المساهمة في  دعم المبادرات المحلية وهذه القائمة  تقتصر فقط على المؤسسات العالمية و الدولية و منظمتنا ستستمر على نشر قائمة مصادر تمويل سنويا في السنوات القادمة.

للوصول الى الرابط أضغط هنا

MOU with Rewaq Baghdad Center for Public Polices


In the context of strengthening the knowledge and research partnerships of Public Aid Organization and Rewaq Baghdad Center for Public Policy, The Head Of Administrative board of PAO with a representative of Rewaq Baghdad Center for Public Policy, signed a memorandum of understanding for exchanging experience and implementing partnership activities and future work together.

Developing a work plan for the project ( Promoting economic revival for microbusiness and agriculture ) – Nineveh


PAO in cooperation with AFD conducted a 3-days training session for 14 farmers from both genders in Nineveh to develop a work plan in producing beeswax and honey and jam following the goal of the project in promoting the concept of Health and nutrition will be part of Farmer’s profession.

Business innovation program – Training for students


within the activities of the Business innovation program, students from Mosul gathered in a training session in Erbil to display their ideas about creative business ideas that can deploy during the program period.

25 young students participated in 5 days of training in Erbil to develop their business ideas into eligible business projects that can be turned into real business for them in the future.

Enhancing Democratization program – Discussion session \ Duhok


PAO in cooperation with NPA ( Norweigian people aid), conducted a discussion session with decision-makers in Duhok, Representatives from Dohuk Governorate, the Dohuk Provincial Council, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, and local and international organizations, with the participation of members of the Iraqi Council of Representatives and representatives of the elderly.

The aim of the session was to develop solutions for the problems and needs of the elderly, and the session came out with a set of suggestions and recommendations in order to work on these to improve the lives of the elderly group.

Justice solutions for climate change in Iraq- Training Session – Basra


within the activities of the project ( Justice solutions for climate change in Iraq ), Public Aid organization in cooperation with Cordaid conducted a 5 days training session last for a week in Al-Basra, Kurma University, and in the presence of 75 participants from both genders.

the training included explaining the term (climate Justice) and discussing the causes and effects of climate change, what are the most affected groups, and how to carry out advocacy campaigns to raise demand and eco-friendly solutions In All life aspects.

The aim of the training was to build students’ capabilities on how to understand the problem and provide the appropriate solution to it to serve the environmental reality in Basra.

Enhancing Democratization program \ Elderly Support – Dhi Qar


within the activities of Enhancing Democratization program (EDP) – Public Aid Organization (PAO) Conducted a focus group in Dhi Qar to determine the needs of elderly people in the governorate as they discussed the conditions of the elderly homes, health conditions for the elderly, Security protection for the elderly home from outdoor attacks and the extent to which it is possible to enact a law serving this segment of the society.

twelve elderly joined the focus group and they expressed their needs From the health, social and legal aspects and the necessity of providing a social researcher in order to provide psychological support and deal with psychological problems for them.

Training session \ Mosul


Within the activities of the project “Building trustee Partnerships between the Public and the Local Police”, PAO – Nineveh Office, in cooperation with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), conducted two days training session for 30 participants from the civil society organizations in Ninveh and police members.

16 Days Of Activism against gender-based violence


Public aid organization in cooperation with UNICEF conducted a recreational activity for girls in Al-Basrah (Al-Zubair) to Spread awareness about the 16-day campaign and introduce the girls to it, the activity included creating hand-made accessories all was decorated in orange to match the campaign color.