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Enhancing Democratization Program Activity


within the activities of the EDP program( Enhancing democratization program) which funded by the NPA, PAO had implemented training for the staff of the Parliamentary Development Institute of the Iraqi Council Virtually on Zoom application.

the training included various subjects started with a brief about the program and it works alongside the Parliamentary Development Institute.

as well as many other subjects that include smart soft skills and participatory leadership through cooperation with civil society institutions, the media, universities, and the private sector.

دعوة لتقديم مقترحات مشاريع


ضمن مشروع تعزيز الديمقراطية الذي تنفذه منظمة النجدة الشعبية بتمويل من منظمة مساعدات الشعب النرويجية، نعلن عن فتح باب تقديم لمقترحات مشاريع تعزز من مشاركة المواطنين في عملية صنع القرار

للمزيد من التفاصيل

أضغط هنا

لتحويلك الى الرابط الخاص بالتفاصيل

لمن لدية الرغبة في التقديم يرجى تسجيل طلب عن طريق ملء المعلومات و ارسالها الى الايميل


  في موعد لا يتجاوز 20 نيسان 2021

Enhancing Democratization Program / Irbil


PAO continues to implement the activities of the EDP program which funded by The Norwegian People Aid Organization.

An Extended Meeting had held in Irbil in order to explain the overview of the program and it objectives. Many Government figures from the Parliament of Kurdistan and representatives of some Political Parties participated in the meeting.

They discussed the Mechanism that could increase for increasing citizens’ participation in decision-making processes, and also a detailed explanation of the provincial councils’ work in the Kurdistan region had been presented as a model for administrative decentralization, which is considered one of the democratic mechanisms for citizen participation.

Mosul/ Training Session


On March 17 2021

PAO had implement a series of Trainings for youth in Nineveh/ Al-Hamdaniya, as an activity of the project (Promoting the economic recovery of small enterprises funded) which is funded by the AFD.

These sessions had last for three days and (75) participant had Participate from both genders.

The aim was to train young people on leadership skills and successful project management, as well as an awareness of the concepts (extremist ideology) and violent extremism and how to deal with it within the local communities.

Awareness Session / Baghdad


On 15th of March we’ve Head an awareness session about the gender based violence in Baghdad/ Al-Shorta Al-Rabiaa, as an activity of the the program (Providing protection services from gender-based violence to women and girls in Baghdad and Anbar) which funded By the UNICEF.

About (15) women had participated in the session and they had talked about the forms of violence and how to avoid it, in addition to the differences between the Gender and sex.

Awareness Session / Mosul


Wednesday 10 March 2021

The Public Aid Organization (PAO) / Nineveh Office and in a cooperation with the Iraqi Institute, continues to hold awareness sessions about the extremist ideology and violent extremism for the local community in Mosul within the activities of the project (Building the capacities of youth and communities to resilience and confront extremist ideology and violent extremism).

The project Mangers attend this workshop in addition to many Civil society Representatives.

the aim of this workshop was to exchanging experiences and defining the scientific concept of extremism in additional to the best ways and means to deal with it.

Awareness Session / Saladin


PAO continued to conduct the awareness sessions in Saladin/ Baji, within the activities of the project (provision of community-Based Child protection and GBV services conflict-affected Women and children of Alshirqat, Tuz Khurmato, and Baiji districts in Salah Aldeen governorate) which funded by UNICEF.

The session targeted (8) participants from both genders and It’s included spreading awareness about the ideal parents and how they can provide their children a stable social life.

Also, these sessions spoke about the essential skills in children rearing.

In addition to these topics they spoke about Covid-19 protection procedures, the session concludes by giving certificates to the participants.

Activity In Al-Sulaymaniyah


ON (Sunday 28 – February 2021) Pao had spend a beautiful day with children at the Seh Rakani School in Bazian, as an implementing for an activity of the (business continuity education plan in Iraq) project which is funded by UNICEF.

in which the children participated In an interactive workshop on the ideal behavior and how to behave with others.

children were convinced to change their behavior and leave some bad habits also there were plans to carry out future activities with other schools more intensively to educate the largest number of students.

Training Sessions / Baghdad


Within the activities of program (Providing services for protection from gender-based violence in Baghdad and Anbar) which funded by the UNICEF, PAO carried out series of training sessions for adolescents in Baghdad (Al-Karkh, for the fourth police districts and Al-Zaafaraniya.

The activity targeted (25) between the ages (13-17), and this activity included training on various topics aimed to spread the awareness among this group of adolescent girls.

the sessions explained the violence and how to deal with it, also educate girls on the children marriage and it risks, in addition to solving communication problems with parents and other life skills.

Training Workshop In Baghdad


PAO in 16,17 February had held a multiple workshops training for the caregivers in Baghdad and as an activity within the project(Providing protection services from gender-based violence to women and girls in Baghdad and Anbar) which funded by UNICEF.

these workshop had targeted (25) participant from both genders including lawyers and employees in the health sector, in addition to social researchers in the project.

also these workshops included explain the differences between sex and gender as well as the violence that women are exposed to in order to support the participants’ skills for a more effective response in dealing with cases of women survivors of violence.