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دراسة حول مطالب الشباب/ مشروع تعزيز الديمقراطية


ضمن برنامج تعزيز الديمقراطية في العراق تقوم منظمة النجدة الشعبية بعمل استبيان لتحديد اولويات
العمل على الشباب من قبل المرشحين لمجلس النواب العراقي , هذا الاستبيان مكون من
عدد من الاسئلة ، المعلومات لا تتضمن اسماء المشاركين و سيتم تحليل نتائج
الاستبيان و مناقشتها مع الشباب و من ثم مع المرشحين لمجلس النواب العراقي في
الانتخابات القادمة من اجل ادراجها في برامجهم الانتخابية و العمل عليها في مجلس النواب

للدخول الى الاستبيان أضغط هنا

Education cannot wait / Sulaymaniah


Within the activities of the Project Education Cannot Wait (ECW), PAO held a focus group for Teachers to discuss the crucial challenges they faced during the implementation of the project activities.

The participants also discussed the difficulties of using the new technology in teaching Syrian refugees and communicate with them, and they set these problems in lists to work on finding solutions for a better experience to the participants from the best experience to the participants and teachers.

Enhancing Democratization Program


Within the Activities of the Project Enhancing Democratization Program (EDP) which is funded by the (NPA), Public Aid Organization (PAO) Held a discussion session to debate the procedures, policies, and instructions that encourage or impede the participation of youth and women in the economic, political and administrative fields.

The session held in the community center in Baghdad, and over 26 participants had participated in the session and from both genders, and different agencies variety between Directorates and government agencies specialized women’s issues and women empowerment, Baghdad Chamber of Commerce, and also the Directorate of Employment in the Ministry of Labor.

Violent extremism Workshop / Mosul


Within the Activities of the project (Building youth and communities resilience on countering violent extremism), PAO implements a workshop in Al-Mosul, and with the cooperation of the Iraqi Institute lasted for six days and 14 persons from both genders had participated.

The workshop included several interactive exercises aimed to raise awareness about the concept of extremist thinking and how to strengthen individuals and community resilience to face violent extremism.

Discussion session / Basra


Within the activities of Enhancing Democratization program (EDP) Which is funded by(NPA), PAO held a discussion session in the community center in Al-Basra On the policies, procedures, and instructions that open up prospects for increasing the economic participation of women.

Elites from the University of Basra, the Bar Association, the governorate office, unions of businessmen and women and contractors, women’s empowerment departments in some ministries participated in the session, and the recommended some measures to strengthen women’s work in various areas in order to contribute to the diversification and increase production.

Coordination and Cooperation forum between the Civil society organization and the Council of representatives


Within the Activities of (Enhancing Democratization program) which funded by the Norweigian people’s Aid, PAO held a coordination forum in Baghdad/ Cultural Center Hall, and with the participation of Civil society representatives, Representatives of the research service, and the institute for representatives Development in the Iraqi Council of Representatives.

On the basis of a cooperative and participatory approach between official and civil society organizations, it is necessary to strengthen cooperation and coordination, to find the best solutions to emerging problems, and to identify legislative needs that contribute to the promotion and maintenance of the fundamental rights of all citizens.

Awareness Campaign / Mosul


Public Aid Organization (PAO)/ Nineveh office, and in cooperation with the Department of Non-Governmental Organizations held an awareness campaign in which more than 5000 brochures were distributed to urging citizens to take the anti-Covid-19 vaccine.

The campaign aimed to encourage the local community and motivate them to take the vaccine as it helps to reduce infection among people and reassure the citizens by referring to the positive facts and results of the vaccine.

The distribution process took place in the directorates of education, health, and service sectors, and local markets in the City of Mosul (Talafar and Hamdaniya districts).

World child Protection Day Celebration/ Irbil


Public Aid Organization Celebrated with children in the world Child protection day in Irbil/ bahrka Camp, in coordination with (SWEDO) and Al-Masala Organization, and in the presence of representatives of UNICEF, school principals, and some parents.

Children participated in the celebration with several recreational activities, such as a theatrical performance for a group of girls, poetry recitation, and the opening of an exhibition of handicrafts (Beads and wool) which they made by themselves.

As for the boys, they participated with their drawings in the drawing exhibition as part of the Peer to Peer activity.

The winners of the Football League were also honored, to conclude the celebration by distributing gifts, certificates of appreciation, and medals to encourage their efforts.

Promoting Economic Revival for Microbusiness and agriculture / Mosul


Within the activities of the project (Promoting Economic Revival for Microbusiness and agriculture) which is implementing by the Public Aid Organization (PAO) and funded by the (AFD), a TOT training carried out in Erbil for a group of religious leaders from Mosul within the period 26 to 29 May.

The training aimed to build the capacities of community influential actors
In managing risks, conflicts, and challenges through community dialogue, as well as identifying the conflict life cycle and the most important tools of its analysis.

The outcomes of the activity will be represented by conducting public dialogues in Ninawa Plain to promote social cohesion.

Student Project Fair in Al-Sulaymaniyah Governorate


Public Aid Organization (PAO) held the Student Project Fair on May 25 in Al-Sulaymaniyah as a final stage of the project (BIP) which is funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in cooperation with the Ministry of Education in the Kurdistan Region.

Many Vocational High schools (4 of them in Sulaymaniyah, one in Kifri, and another in Halabja and Rania) had participated in the Fair as a final stage of their training within the project.

over 100 participants joined the fair (Students, teachers, the chairman of the board of trustees of PAO, and the staff of Sulymaniah office, also the Director-General of the Ministry of Education in the governorate and a representative of it.

The Fair featured 36 various student projects that varied from the Homemade dessert industry, designing, and sewing projects, supplying homes and shops with liquid gas, and other projects.

the projects were evaluated by a committee of economists, to determine the winners, and they received a certificate of appreciation for their efforts.