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Job Announcement / فرصة عمل


تعلن منظمة النجدة الشعبية عن توفر فرص عمل لفريق متنقل في مجال الدعم النفسي- الاجتماعي في دهوك

لمعرفة تفاصيل اكثر عن الوظيفة يرجى الدخول على الرابط (أضغط هنا) للغة العربية و(أضغط هنا) للغة الانكليزية

يجب على المتقدمين المهتمين إرسال أحدث سيرتهم الذاتية مع مرجعين مهنيين إلى


، ويجب ان يكون عنوان الايميل اثناء التقديم يحتوى على المسمى الوظيفي

ملاحظة: قد لا يتم النظر في الطلبات التي لا تلبي الحد الأدنى من المتطلبات المحددة التي يتم استلامها بعد تاريخ الإغلاق


. سيتم الاتصال بالمرشحين المختارين لإجراء مقابلة والتي تتضمن اختبارًا كتابيًا لمهارات الاتصال والكتابة.

Training Workshop In Baghdad


PAO in 16,17 February had held a multiple workshops training for the caregivers in Baghdad and as an activity within the project(Providing protection services from gender-based violence to women and girls in Baghdad and Anbar) which funded by UNICEF.

these workshop had targeted (25) participant from both genders including lawyers and employees in the health sector, in addition to social researchers in the project.

also these workshops included explain the differences between sex and gender as well as the violence that women are exposed to in order to support the participants’ skills for a more effective response in dealing with cases of women survivors of violence.

Training / Irbil


Public Aid’s Organization (PAO) and funded by the (Leo Lagrange) Union Had concluded several training courses related to the Informal Education Project held in Erbil with the presence of the French Consul and representatives of each of Leo Lacrang’s Union and the Ministry of Culture and Youth in the Kurdistan Region.

the Training Courses were implemented during February 2020 To January 2021.

The courses targeted 18 facilitators from both Genders, and they were trained on The Informal education program activities which included several Subjects like Children Rights, adolescents and how to deal with their attitudes, gender issues and other topics.

The aim of These Courses was to enable the facilitators to implement the program activities for the beneficiaries with a high level of efficiency and quality.

استبيان حول مشاركة الشباب والنساء في أنتخابات مجلس النواب العراقي 2021


ضمن فعاليات برنامج تعزيز الديمقراطية تقوم منظمة النجدة الشعبية بأجراء استبيان حول مشاركة الشباب و النساء في انتخابات مجلس النواب العراقي

يمكن ملئ استمارة الاستبيان بالضغط هنا

Distribution Activity


To complement the implementation of the activities of the project (increasing access to child protection services for displaced children) with the Funded by UNICEF, The Public Aid Organization PAO in Erbil / Baharka camp continues to distribute boxes containing Diapers supplies for children of age one day to one year old, and hygiene kits have also been distributed for the families to prevent the spread of Corona Virus.

ICPD Activity


January 26, 2021

The Public Aid Organization (PAO) distributed health and cleaning materials to the prisoners’ in Sousse Federal Prison in Sulaymaniyah Governorate.

This activity comes within the accomplishments of the project (Improving Prison Conditions in Iraq) supported by the Norwegian People’s Aid Organization (NPA) to provide the health needs to the prisoners in order to protect them against the Covid-19 pandemic.

Workshop / Nineveh


27-30 January 2021

Under the title (concepts of prevention of extremism, skills of communicating with the community and providing referral services), the Public Aid Organization (PAO), in cooperation with the Iraqi Institute and with funding from the Dutch government, implemented training workshops in Mosul and Hamdaniya on violent extremism and how to counter it.

The training comes as part of the activities of the project (building youth capacity to resilience and countering violent extremism, ideology and extremism), with the participation of religious leaders, security authorities, representatives of the Ministry of Education / Nineveh, professors from the University of Mosul and women leaders.

The training included mechanisms for dealing with and preventing violent extremism, in addition to enhancing the skills of dialogue and communication with the community in order to limit its spread.

Child Protection/ Salahdin


26- January- 2021

The Child Protection Center(CP) affiliated to the Public Aid Organization (PAO) in Salah al-Din continues to conduct awareness-raising workshops for caregivers of parents, on child protection policies and how to deal with adolescents and understand their needs.

Within the activities of the project ( provision of community Based Child protection and GBV services conflict affected Women and children’s of Alshirqat ,Tuz Khurmato , and Baiji districts in Salah Al-din governorate ) supported by UNICEF, with the participation of (11) women, men and children, where several topics related to raising children and protecting them from violence were addressed. Educating parents about how to deal with adolescents and directing them towards ways to know their potential and ambitions.

The workshop was concluded with recommendations from the participants about holding future workshops for adolescents on the positive use of social media and how to protect themselves from its risks.

Awareness Sessions / Salah Aldin


Within the activities of the project (provision of community Based child protection and GBV services conflict affected Women and children of Alshirqat ,Tuz Khurmato , and Baiji districts in Salah Aldin governorate, Funded by UNICEF), the Public Aid Organization continues to implement its activities in Salah al-Din / Baiji District, as the CP department in the organization’s office implemented an awareness sessions for caregivers about ideal parents and their duties towards children.

(20) people participated in these sessions, males and females, and topics related to peaceful education and basic methods for achieving success in raising children were discussed.

The session ended with the distribution of participation certificates to the attendees, to motivate the participants to join in such awareness sessions aimed at raising the level of knowledge.

ICPD Activities


25- January 2021

Within the activities of the project (Improving Prisoners’ Conditions in Iraq(ICPD)) and with the support of the Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA),the Public Aid Organization (PAO) / Duhok visited the Elderly Reformatory Center and the Women’s reformatory Center, and the Aqrah Detention Center,in order to distribute personal hygiene supplies and sterilization materials.

To protect prisoners and detainees as well as the prison staff from the risk of the spread of Corona disease.